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Mobile phones with Android will soon benefit from fingerprint sensors built into the screen

Sensor de huellas dactilares integrado en la pantalla de un terminal Android

Android devices with fingerprint sensors built into the screen will become reality until the end of the year 2017.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 could have benefited from a fingerprint sensor integrated into its huge screen, but this technology was not available in time to be able to be part of the final design of the terminal. For this reason, Samsung registered the sensor at the rear of the device, giving rise to various polemics about its location, since it is not a central place and sometimes the user tends to put your finger on the camera.

However, Synaptics has announced now that its new range of fingerprint sensors, called FS4600, will enter the production line of the company. These sensors will be ready for mass production in the third quarter of 2017.

It should be noted the new FS4600 range sensors may have different forms, as even oval, round or square. Also the sensor can be covered with different materials, including glass, ceramics or polymers, which will help manufacturers of smartphones that wish to create mobile sensors integrated into the screen.

Sensor of fingerprint with sensitivity to pressure and gesture recognition

The new sensors also come with pressure sensitivity, at the same time that will be able to recognize gestures of sliding.

The pressure-sensitivity resembles Apple ForceTouch technology, unless it was created for a fingerprint sensor and not the screen. On the other hand, sliding technology resembles that uses Huawei and other manufacturers, but Synaptics could do that this function is taken on one even greater scale.

FS4600 fingerprint sensors can also function as Soft buttons, so also can use as buttons for navigation without any problem.

Despite not completing their development in time for the launch of the Galaxy S8, maybe we’ll see a Note 8 with a fingerprint reader integrated into the screen.

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