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More information about Huawei Mate 9 Pro: will have optical zoom 4 X and will cost $1300

Mate 9

We have been told a while ago, Huawei Mate 9 Pro will be the issue premium of the 9 matte to be released only in China. Those who live outside the country, we will have to comply with the version most standard that it forgets the curved sides and you won’t have optical zoom 4 X if count the Pro version.

So, for put us them teeth more long while know that will be them inhabitants of Chinese which may opt to the purchase of a Matt 9 Pro, will have that breathe of relief to the know that this version premium will arrive to them 1,300 dollars in the price. An insurmountable barrier for many who want to have an almost luxury phone.

Evan Blass is who, from his Twitter account, has announced that this phone will have a 4 x optical zoom and will cost your 1300 dollars. A phone that includes a display curve Quad HD 5.9 inch, 256 GB of internal storage and version 7.1 of Android.

Thus also Huawei gets into phones premium truck at high prices to almost become a kind of trend if we add Google Pixel, one that is not short on prices and has been uploaded to the high-speed train.

We are also hoping to see Huawei Matt 9-Matt 9 Pro the fruit of the union of Huawei with Leica, because they are supposed to be in those two terminals where the German company will be provided to demonstrate their experience in the field of photography, and more in a moment in which the Pixel has taken the lead to the surprise of many.

So it is taken from the filtered image, the configuration is very similar and even the description appears “Summarit-H 1:2.2 / 27 ASPH” on the side, so that event of the week coming, presentation of the two phones, it becomes more interesting if possible.

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