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More problems for Samsung with Note 7 more?

Galaxy Note 7 en tienda

It seems that the Korean giant saw no end to the nightmare that suffers with the Galaxy Note 7 from the day they saw the light. After those incidents with the explosion of their batteries, them fire caused and them thousand and an anecdotes, the history continues. A time located the problem in the cells of their batteries seemed that Samsung had all under control. But a new problem plagues to Samsung and again with their batteries.

Seems that when something is hexed it is from beginning to end. Is something that is out of the normal. After them million of euros in losses that you will bring to Samsung them famous incidents seems that still there is more. According to reports The Wall Street Journal, are several the complaints made by users.

The Note 7 is complicating the existence to Samsung

Apparently Samsung has been able to solve the drama of the blasts, almost nothing. But them new phones of substitution are still having problems, and another time with their batteries. The problem now is that their duration is sees diminished. After the overheating of the devices with a use normal, the phone loses quickly load.

Is possible that this is happening?. This will be the question that is will be doing in the headquarters of Samsung. And not is for less. When seemed that the greater crisis suffered by a giant technology was being passed a new obstacle. Not seems logical that Samsung again to launch a product considered top of range and that follow defective. Is possible that the anxiety by solve a serious problem has been partly the culprit. But not is worse still consider a problem solved when not is so?.

The image world of Samsung is was seeing seriously damaged with the chapter of the batteries dangerous. But of confirm is that the new devices still suffering defects of manufacture could be the hecatomb. Yes already could suppose that in those departments dedicated to the control of quality could have “restructuring of personal”. That can make now?.

Korea of the South has been the country where you have registered them cases of new models problematic. And Samsung has recognized that there are some cases in study. Even there are rumors of that in China one of them new Note 7 already renewed has left burning. has made Samsung a fudge? Of confirm is new cases the signature Korean will make even more the ridiculous.

The Note seven put in check the loyalty to Samsung.

Galaxy Note 7

And is there where is the main problem. If some user of Samsung has decided trust in your brand and give a second chance ignoring a serious problem. Would return to trust a time more in the same signature?. Surely not. In full crisis of explosions and fire is rumored that them Note 7 would return to the market with an important rebate. Something that finally not has occurred. But view the magnitude of the problem and to where can get, maybe even with a price more low Samsung see diminished their sales.

In this world of them smartphones there much passion by according to that Trademark. Which are considered of Apple will continue buying the iPhone that out although out of carton. Is clear that if still to a brand by the ideal that transmits or by the image that projected to the world you matter less others details. But when your brand of all her life makes products that could make you damage the thing changes.

Can Samsung out of this another time?

Those who have been faithful to Samsung’s always possibly continue to being it pass what pass. But those from of other brands that decided to explore the world Samsung testing which seemed the panacea of them smartphones is likely that not return. And is that in this universe so competitive the wrong of one is the good of another. Not could have had worse luck Samsung happening the worst problem of its history the week that is presented a new iPhone.

In final, If Samsung has returned to do poorly the things is clear that will suffer the consequences. The loyalty to a signature normally not is maintained above all. Still have too much fresh them images of cars burning and homes scorched. Hope that this time is concerned of cases isolated and that can be controlled without major problems. Of it contrary will assist to one of them older K2 of the history of those smartphones.

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