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More problems for the Google Pixel, after the Flash of his camera now the Bluetooh

Google Pixel

We carry a year in Android that if we plant dwarfs are surely growing us, and it is that if after the scandal of explosive of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a problem that batteries still in today is still talking about it, we now have to worry about the Google Pixel problems, new Google phones that cost heaps of authentic , more than a decent personal computer!, and which, after to see first-hand the judgment with which have chambers of the Pixel which is a Flash in an arc, now we are informed of a still more serious problem that would be affecting the Google Pixel connectivity.!!

In concrete this problem of connectivity of them Google Pixel us would come of the hand of the Bluetooth integrated, a bluetooth that failure rather than a shotgun of fair and that according to report of them own buyers of one of these terminals of Google, the connection Bluetooth of them Google Pixel is very bad, both that to many users is them makes impossible the to connect the Google Pixel to the bluetooth of your own car.

This failure of the Google Pixel bluetooth, a failure which is made virtually impossible wireless with our vehicle, and that always according to different users via official Forum of the Pixel, once has managed it to connect after passing it really badly, connection is so bad and poor that it shows in the quality of the audio and even will reach you disconnect when we receive an incoming call or when we receive a simple notification incoming.

halo en google pixel

Example of the problem of Flash in the photos taken by the Google Pixel

Not sure if this is a comprehensive own the Pixel hardware malfunction or is a bug in the new version of Android 7.1 Nougat. From here Androidsis and I personally hope and wish to be failure of Android so so you can fix with a simple update system to correct these defects or bugs, otherwise and if these problems persist, either the camera or the bluetooth connectivity reasons due to defective hardware or components integrated This you can turn into another SOAP Opera so much that those of Google, caught up in a big mess of similar proportions to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosive batteries can be, and are also forced to return the money of the terminals already sold and delivered as well as cancel the reservations of the pre-vendidos terminals.

For the good of all, Let us hope that these defects are just software problems and can be solved easily with a simple implemental system update, we also want to take to say, as we told them in his day to the Samsung with Note 7 battery problem, it is unforgivable to get a terminal of almost a thousand euros to the market with defects such as those who are presenting these Google Pixel , first with his camera of photos that, even boasting of be of them best cameras of photos of a smartphone, appears much more than it desired that annoying Flash or arc that the truth is unforgivable for a terminal of this range range price.

Google Pixel

If in addition to this tremendous problem with the Pixel camera we now add the problem, serious problem with the bluetooth of the Google Pixel, gives us that think that Google, rather than out for sale a product guaranteed and tested in depth, it is taking and is selling prototypes of new products at guaranteed product prices something that cannot be or should be allowed as much that we are talking about the footballer and Almighty Google.

From here Androidsis will be attentive to all news that is go knowing about these problems with the Google Pixel to have them informed promptly of all what happens.

If are thinking in acquire one of these new terminals of them of Mountain View, you recommend that have patience and wait to see as just all this issue with them problems detected and reported by the first buyers of them Pixel.

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