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More rumors about the possibility of Samsung to eliminate the capacitive buttons

Galaxy S7 edge

Rumor after rumor going defining and eliminating features to helmet porro. This S8 Galaxy is approaching on the horizon and that will almost already sensing his shadow form, because of it we do not know anything formally, will have in its bowels all what you can expect from a mobile device in which Samsung is going to put much love to bring us the best.

So that they will take more fortitude and dimension this news that now we have to direct us to the possibility that the capacitive buttons, among which included the Holy home button and sign of this company for their smartphones, they can be eliminated from the equation that will be the new flagship of the Korean manufacturer that will come later as expected.

The passing of the capacitive buttons is that the S8 Galaxy would have keys on the screen with the characteristic of being 3D touch. The difference between the Galaxy and iPhone would be that of the first could be customizable navigation buttons to be imbued in the screen itself. With this Samsung would have a great trick to your please and you would allow to play with that phone that hope all and not would have or bezels.

The latest rumor we have doing the round, could corroborate what we have heard earlier this month before a Galaxy S8 that he refuseniks’of of the physical home button, to have even a fingerprint sensor imbued in the screen itself as my Xiaomi MIX has it. So we are not looking at crazy thinking of having a new ship flagship of Samsung to bring other types of sensations and design.

However, repeated on several occasions, we are surrounded by rumors that are drawing towards the launch of the Galaxy S8, although they can take us in other parts not so certain.

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