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More than 1,000 million users access Facebook by mobile on a daily basis


What he likes Facebook to publish figures of use of their apps and services. Last week we met that had finally come to the 1,000 million users on your Facebook Messenger. A figure quite striking but that has been helped of some maneuvers not so clean as force to them users use Facebook Messenger to manage the SMS.

He has now revealed having over 1,700 million monthly active users to Facebook, which is an increase of 15% year after year, and of that figure, 1.570 million users make it from your smartphone or tablet. Staggering figures and that show the position that currently holds the network of Mark Zuckerberg that as you add more users to use smartphones on the planet, more increase their numbers at the same time.

Facebook, still hold the title of the world’s largest social network since the social network has also shared another figure which puts it as the first time that a social network has been able to exceed the 1,000 million active mobile users. And Facebook even declares that the number of users active that used only the mobile to enter to Facebook, are punto of exceeded the milestone of them 1,000 million, as says here:

Mobile-only MAUs are defined by users accessing Facebook only through mobile apps or mobile web site releases or that have used the Messenger app in the last 30 days of the quarter in particular. The number of mobile-only MAUs does not include Instagram users unless that were qualified as such based on their other activities on Facebook.

The benefits of Facebook have also tripled to 2,060 million dollars. And although Facebook seems to have no ceiling, Mark Zuckerberg remains cautious in explaining that every time there will be more regions where they go preferring video content, which could cause a mass migration from this social network to others more aimed at this type of multimedia content.

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