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Moto brings the Play Store your file Explorer to be update easily

Moto Explorador

Are many already them companies that have gone released them apps of their layers custom to the Google Play Store so these can be updated of form easy, without have that be waiting to the arrival of a firmware to have them latest news. Google also made it same with several of their apps as are the keyboard of Android (included in this list of 4 apps), that is has become in one of the more downloads of your own store.

Today same has published Motorola what is your browser’s files, files Moto, to the Google Play Store. That Yes, not wait find a great variety of improvements, but that starting from now can be updated this app from the comfort that means the shop of apps, video games and rest of content multimedia of Google.

The first version existing in the Google Play Store leads to the app from the version 3.6.33 to the 3.6.68. All what you will get are them various corrections of bugs and them improvements in the stability of the app. Comes very well to have a best app, but not brings get any feature that is remarkable to change a little the experience that will get from this interesting Explorer of files.

The Explorer of files of Moto is an app well solid and has some features basic as are the views by categories, files recent and the structure standard of folders. It offers support to more normal operations that you can get to conduct such as transfers of lots of files or compress them in ZIPs.

The app files Moto comes preinstalled in all them phones from Motorola that have been released in this year and is compatible with all those that have arrived to the market from 2015. If have a phone new of Motorola, would be interesting that you spend by the Play Store to check if have already the update and thus can obtain new versions from the Play Store.

Download: Files bike (Free, Google Play) →

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