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Motorola confirms to not released security patches every month to your devices

Moto Z

Motorola has left him clear in regard to updates to the Z Moto and Moto G4, for monthly security patches is overlooked to present various difficulties, so have decided that they will not launch them as it would like to Google. A negative point for the bike that will have to wait for a next firmware update to have their phones updated with regard to security.

With everything that emerged last year about Stagefright, got that Google chose to updates of monthly security patches that get that terminals are better protected. Samsung and BlackBerry bet by these measures, although not are all them companies that is have decided to follow the steps of Google to launch those updates that should arrive monthly to all them devices.

Finally it is all that Motorola will release security updates, include those of the monthly cycle of Google, but will do so when it launches official firmware updates for your phone. This means that if you have to update one of their bikes to Android 7.0 Nougat, the new firmware will include all patches of our up to date security.

It was also HTC one that came to the fore to declare that the pace of monthly updates does not have much reason for being. An of the excuses left is that there is that pass to the terminal for a series of tests before publish those updates. Although here there is everything clear, as was Google, which said that those security patches are made to a plane that does not affect the operation of the terminal.

It should also note that Motorola is in other hands and was able to throw well quick upgrades. But this form of work seems it changed to have Lenovo on their backs.

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