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Motorola is committed to launch 12 new Moto Mod to the year

Moto Z

While LG is in the doubt of if follow with the appearance modular in the next LG G6, since there are information contradictory with which not is clarifies if will continue to, Motorola seems that has found a form of distance is of the competition with those add-ons in the form of bike Mods.

He Moto Z is modular and is designed to accommodate those modules that can place is in the part back for a life of battery extra, improve the capacity of the camera or even add projectors. In an interesting meeting, Lenovo emphasized the modular part to cry out that Motorola is committed to 12 new add-ons per year.

The director John Touvannas bike Mods of Lenovo, specifically wants to publish more modular in 2017 accessories which have been launched this year. This would include designs licensed to third parties, that are already available from partners as are Hasselblad and JBL.

Also is Motorola which has an agreement imminent with it platform of crowdfunding Indiegogo for request ideas and offer phone Moto Z free and kits of development Moto Mod for engineers that want to put is hands to the work for that module that can get to be a temptation for them users of them phones modular.

The idea of Motorola is that all those modules can be used in the future generations of them phone Moto Z. Knowing that you can upgrade every year your phone, without worrying about the purchase of another module for photography an aspect to rating by the user that can, which means that at the end it is an extra expense to tell when one seeks the modular for your smartphone.

Of all ways, is will have that search the form of attract to them users to this type of aspect modular that, in part has been left of side by LG with its new V20.

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