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Napflix, a Netflix’s content bored to sleep the siesta

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It was time that someone invented it! Some Spanish entrepreneurs have created a new platform of streaming content. Something that did not exist until now and it seems had a gap in the market for audiovisual content.

So simple and at the same time so cool. A platform that offers that promise to be the content more boring and soporific. Ideals completely for siesta time. If you have problems sleeping and unable to enter that moment of calm, this is your place.

Napflix could only make up by Spaniards.

There is something more “tipical spanish” that the NAP?. Is clear that if there is a Decalogue in the rest of the world of them things typical of our country includes among them first put to the NAP. This pleasant rest after a good lunch is worthy of being respected.

But clear, see the television to the half day does not help to sleep. The programs that we offer them televisions not serve for rest the mind. Programs of heart whose fellow members “barking” among themselves to voice in scream. Series, competitions, films with solera. And those mythical documentaries of animals?

Napflix us offers a wide catalog of content that promise to make us yawn. And yawning after yawning us help to rest peacefully eating any of their content. Between some of their major successes more played stand out “the life of them Pandas”, “the NAP of the Koala” or “The walking pig”. Titles that promise to make you lose the consciousness by a time for rest of the stress daily.

Content that promise to make you yawn.

Who not has given a NAP in the summer watching on television a long cycling stage?. In Napflix we have great stages of the Tour de France of the year 92. There are also at our disposal one of the most exciting games of chess in the history. With some four intense hours of duration.

The creators of Napflix want with your platform claim all it positive that brings the NAP. And help with content monotonous and boring to those who them costs more work reconcile the dream. Victor Tena, one of its creators, says that the secret is that the viewer knows that if you close your eyes you will not lose anything.

Napflix has content of various topics. Cultural type, as a physics class of an hour and a half. Historios, such as the wedding of the Infanta Elena of Spain. A game of Cricket, the ballet “Swan Lake” show, or a complete Latin mass. A endless boring hours of television available at a click.

Napflix panda

As large as unexpected success.

Although the idea arose and materialize very soon, its creators could not imagine the success that its creation would reach. Napflix appeared on the network in the middle of this month, the 17 of October. And surprisingly in its first week visits exceeded one hundred per minute!. More than a hundred staff every minute access this platform.

People of many nationalities have access to daily Al Napflix. Russia and Japan among many other places enjoy the boring contents of Napflix daily to be able to sleep. In the time free that had between work and family its two creators have created a platform only. Francesc Bonet and Victor say that ever came to think in such success, and less still so fast.

With the objective of dignify the NAP and try to contribute that not disappear have got an important achievement. According to these guys, the routine of work and those schedules that to daily carry make that gradually disappears this tradition as rooted. And make emphasis in it important that are some minutes of rest in the half of the day for power face best the rest of the day labor.

The brilliance of an idea so simple is the reason of its success. Platforms like these get facilitate us her life. In our routine daily in which all is programmed to the minute is of thank to count with Napflix. If you want to relax and unwind this ‘ Siesta Video Platform ‘ will help you not thinking of anything.

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