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NeoWars proposes an RTS based on nodes in which you have to conquer planets

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I’d like to be able to talk about more RTS less each time, but the last time that happened here one worthy of mention was Age of Empires: World of Domination. It’s a genre that seems that it has stalled and perhaps need to have a better hardware so that some day we are talking about one that resembles the great Starcraft II or the franchise’s Comand and Conquer of EA Games. At the moment we are satisfied with these new video games RTS coming out every few months and hopefully soon we can say that this has finally changed.

New to enjoy one is NeoWars. Based on nodes, you will have to learn how to manage resources and create your base of operations on the surface of planets hostile in different parts of the Galaxy. An RTS gained a foothold on the theme of science fiction and in which you will have to get our combine to get the largest amount of resources to enlarge this basis to conquer to the contrary. A few games in which we will face to the AI in a maximum of three enemies, so are arranged as well interesting clashes in which we must use our technique learned in this type of video games in years.

You take the role of Commander

In NeoWars you will have to take the great role that being a commander that will be landed on the surface of the planet and collect resources to begin the construction of your base. You will have to take into account all the time that we are in an RTS game based on nodes, which means that you you must keep the distribution of your networks optimized as a result you can get higher performance, especially with regard to resources.


And it is in that collection, in which you will face three opponents enemies that you will all how difficult that may be to do with domination or for the planet. Each planet has its own strategy, environment, special features and a different format in the form of gathering resources. You will have to adapt to each of their strategies and although not arrive never in what is special about the Terrans or the Zergs in Starcraft II, you will need a while to get to them.

A base to build

You also have in your hand different powers that you can use and updates to your buildings and troops. The developers have a multiplayer mode planned for the future and a level editor that can give life to the game. In this way, you can create your own planets so that you and others can play in them. In an RTS multiplayer is essential to extend her life, since the AI can finally be dealt with and know how to take it.


You have 5 different environments, more than 50 planets to conquer, five levels of difficulty level and four permanent updates. It offers left-handed mode option and an option for graphics for devices that do not have a great hardware to get all the juice.


NeoWars is now available for free from the Play Store and has obvious micropayments. One of its peculiarities is that if you see enough videos from the same application, you will unlock all game, so who do not give up in this sense since you’ll get with you a good RTS to your Android mobile.

Technical quality


NeoWars is based on graphics in which the vector is the design language and that your spot color shadows created by the lighting, lead us to a good level in this technical section. To be an RT has several well achieved effects such as rays of the nodes and some explosions. Environments are very well made and in general, has a great development.

Opinion of the editor


  • Low profile option
  • Its gameplay


  • That does not still multiplayer

Download application

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