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Netflix already allows downloading of content to the SD officially


Playback of streaming content has revolutionized the video content in the network of networks, but having to put in a data connection, often prevents us from enjoying the same if we are not in a place with WiFi connection. Knows major online content subscription platforms and they are allowing the discharge on the SD card so the user can play it when you are away from home or the range of a WiFi connection.

Netflix already has been updated recently with a great novelty for download on mobile the content that we wanted, but it is in today when already use an SD card can have there series, films and documentaries and thus not drown the memory by default that have our terminal. All pleasant news from a service that increasingly has better details and offers a great experience of user at all levels.

Already at the time which allowed the downloading of content to the smartphone it received complaints for not opening completely the gate cards micro SD, since not all devices have 64GB of internal memory so that it can be used for multimedia and other chores, so this novelty of today has its great importance.

To well safe that goes to propel that each time more users prefer acquire a device that available from card microSD, since with an of 128 GB will have hours and hours of content multimedia to enjoy when are out of the scope of a network WiFi.

Only need download the update of Netflix from it Play Store, access to “configuration of the application”, arrive to “location of the download” and choose “card SD”.

All great news and novelty to one of the best services of video content online that struggle in a face to face against each other as the HBO.

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