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Netflix for Android already allows downloading content


After all a year of continuous rumors about the possibility of that Netflix allowed to them users the download of content for these can be seen without the obligation of have that be connected to the network, finally this function is already a reality for them users of all the world.

The latest update of Netflix for Android, now available in the Play Store since 30 September yesterday, incorporates the “offline mode” in such a way that now all Android users may press the “arrow” created for this purpose and download the content to your device.

You no longer need connection to enjoy Netflix wherever you want, or if?

Yesterday Netflix made one of the ads that most expected, the arrival of an offline mode that does not force us to be tied to the internet to enjoy our movies and TV shows.

The announcement was made through the official Netflix account on Twitter, through the publication of a brief message that not everyone caught the first:

You asked for it and finally we bring you a new way to see us.

But in addition, the company also released a statement on his company blog signed by Eddy Wu, Director of product innovation, and which already wouldn’t doubt what it was:

In addition to streaming, now members of Netflix from around the world can download their series and favorite movies without additional cost.

Although many of our members enjoy watch Netflix at home, we know that you there are times that they want to continue the marathons of Stranger Things in the plane or in other places where Internet access is limited. That was before. Now you only have to click on the button “Download” on the information page of the film or series you want to see and you can later enjoy it without Internet connection.

Indeed, since yesterday all users around the world can download content from Netflix on their mobile devices, tablet or Smartphone, so enjoy them when they do not have internet access or connection is poor.

netflix-modo-sin-conexionIt is a highly anticipated choice because now, if you travel, you can take your movies and favorite series to not bore you the way (saying it someone who quite often is eight hours and a half bus).

The new Netflix offline mode, as I said, is available worldwide for iOS and Android, for all plans, and without any additional cost.

To enjoy it, the first thing we need to do is update our app from Netflix. Since then, in the window of every film, series or documentary information, will find, in addition to the button “Play”, another button is an arrow pointing down. Just press the arrow so that the download starts immediately.

In addition, you can also choose the quality with which we want to download content from the app settings section; in this way, if we do not have too much free space, you can download more content.

All downloaded contents are stored in the new ‘My downloads’ section. From there you can access them for viewing and deleting the device once we have seen them.

Unfortunately, not all content from Netflix are still available for download because as you know, the broadcasting rights and contracts signed with other content producers have much to do in this. However, since the company ensure that offline availability will increase as time goes.

Many of your series and favorite movies are now available to download and view offline, and there will soon be more. For example, Orange Is The New Black, Narcos and The Crown are now available from today.

After the arrival of HBO in Spain on Monday, and the imminent emergence of Amazon already allowing offline mode, movement of Netflix was only a matter of time, and has finally arrived.

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