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New bug with a Samsung device, again?

reconocimiento facial s8

Recently mentioned that Samsung would be easy to re-file a new device on the market. After the worldwide scandal created on behalf of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries seemed that the Korean firm would not risk committing errors. It is clear that since Samsung is being observed with magnifying glass.

The logic was that Samsung should ensure the most everything was perfect. The awaited model of the firm, the Galaxy S8 has struck by many things. Their design, somewhat continuity perhaps, their technical specifications and much more. But it seems that once again the new Samsung device has a factory error.

Is it possible that Samsung will mess up?

Unlocking using facial recognition was one of the most striking features. Unlock your smartphone without touching it is really comfortable. It has been something that many firms have tried. And it was assumed that Samsung had perfected this system of security to make it foolproof.

But the case is apparently, it has been shown that Samsung has not much refined with new release through facial recognition. Barely two days ago appeared on the internet a video that will bring all those responsible for Samsung’s head. A well known website published a video in which will unlock a new Samsung Galaxy S8 with a photo. Is it true or fake?

To configure the desbloquo through facial recognition, we have to put us against the device. Using the relevant settings tell the smartphone what is the face of the owner who has authorization to unlock the terminal. Supposedly, set up this type of release, unable to unlock the phone if the person is not placed in front.

According to the video it seems that it is not so. It is possible to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S8 via facial recognition without need for the incumbent to front. In the famous video we see how after a selfie with a phone this is placed against the Galaxy S8. And after a couple of failed attempts, by placing the phone with photo front, manages to unlock it and access the terminal.

desbloqueo s8

Unlock by facial recognition of an S8 with a photo

Is it possible arising errors of factory of a smartphone that is pending sale?. Although it is not a comparable failure not far to the one that occurred with the Galaxy Note 7 batteries. This alleged error in the security of a device that announces this system as novelty would be another blow to Samsung.

It is a both comic through a photo they can skip announced as advanced safety control. That type of testing have made to make this system secure?.  After the vivid scandal last year with explosive Note 7 batteries, did not expect to return to talk about failures of the Korean company. And even less to do so almost from the minute one.

Fortunately for Samsung, still there would be scope to put solution to this glaring fault. And though it could prove embarrassing once again, this time the error could be milder. At least this time they would not have to try a massive withdrawal of phones on the market. Will be in Samsung able to overcome this new hurdle for the new S8 Galaxy?.

We know that adjustments would have to be from Samsung to solve this type of failure. But If this is true we do not know if the release date would be postponed. Still thinking about that solution should be done simply a software update process would not be anything simple. Do you have to unpack the devices ready for sale?.

Or they would sell a phone that need to be updated before you can use it?. In one way or another, this not only serves to add fuel to a fire that lit themselves. Direct competition once more rubs his hands, see a giant back to stumble may be substantial benefits for the rest. It seems that from Samsung, they allude to the S8 has with other safety systems more secure. Let us hope that this is not the solution.

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