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New home of Motorola animation brings back the “Hello Moto” and the logo

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Lenovo not wants to remove is of it brand Moto of none of them ways, although launched the “Moto by Lenovo”, at least until relate its identity with it of these phones that had its great success when is launched the first generation. That first generation entailed a well interesting specifications, design at the same time and a set price. These were the key to that great host.

Now Motorola not is about to what was with Lenovo, and is has become really in the “actor” that puts the face pretty to know that back is located the company Chinese. Now, in a try of stress that image pretty, Motorola has revived two of them identities more highlighted of Motorola in the form of a new animation for the home of the terminal.

The new animation from home brings with it two of the entities of Motorola: the slogan “Hello Moto” and the logo as sign that look like the wings of Batman. In the video you can see perfectly the new animation of home for them Motorola.

Moto animación

Anyway, the video presentation can be found two made quite peculiar, since besides that voice that says “Hello Moto” has a strong Chinese accent, the iconic logo of Motorola is literally is launched out of the plan with a good “Punch” from below.

As I said at the beginning, a way to remind fans of the motorcycle brand that still has that part of Motorola, but who sends and cut the cod, as you might say, is Lenovo. Surely that that video not like to the fans diehard, since is can interpret of a bad way with that punch that is tip of form aggressive from the part lower.

What we don’t know is which will be the smartphones that will receive the new animation from home.

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