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New renderings of the G6 LG put serious doubts about the modular design


Yesterday we had a rendering of the LG G6, which seemed to indicate that we forget this year of the modular aspect that was the santo and password for LG G5 this year. A way of understanding a smartphone that has not had a great fit between the Android community and that it was not be that success in sales expected by the Korean company.

Apart from that image render shared yesterday, now we have other few that can confirm that it modular will disappear of the ship logo of LG for this year. New renderings that show how in the back is not any testimony of what could be the modular aspect that it seems that it has become something more experimental than anything else.

Now, only us is that it company Korean has learned of their errors, as did Samsung with its S6, and us bring a LG G6 that put the accent in the life of the battery, one of them major handicaps of the LG G5.


The rumor about the possible disappearance of it modular has State making them rounds during already ones months, so these images almost that us indicate the road to this. Rendering shows a metal Finish in whole body , which also shows how LG has been removed from between the modules in the impending device.

Similar to yesterday, it configuration dual in the camera appears in this same render and what is the scanner’s footprints fingerprint. Glimpse of the port for headphone Club of 3, 5 mm at the top, so LG has not stopped along by another current trend concerning the audio from USB type-c.

Of all ways, leave these renderings inside the drawer of them rumors until some news more official us allow remove them to confirm them.

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