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New Swype Keyboard Update brings emojis predictions and more

Swype Keyboard that surprised years ago by its approach to writing by gestures. Initially was one of the biggest surprises to write with gestures, and that seemed more rather than the users were drawing with your fingers instead of be typing that sentence that end up coming to an app for chat or social network.

It’s been a few years since that time, and now we have a fairly crowded panorama of keyboards which are two that stand out above the rest, SwiftKey and Gboard. The latter has been updated with several new features that I showed in this video and the search of animated GIFs that I teach in this one. Today was the time to the Swype Keyboard Update.

This legendary keyboard is adding a lot of features in the latest update, among which is included the emojis prediction and a row of numbers optional.

The new update brings all these developments:

  • Predictions of emojis based on the context of the text
  • Optional row of numbers
  • Option to hide secondary
  • Improvements in the text engine
  • Improvements in the handwriting
  • Multiple character in Chinese hand writing recognition
  • Languages and new keyboards for uyghur, Kashmiri Devanagari, Russian and Thai, Lao and Khmer enhancements

All of them stresses prediction of emojis which works in such a way that as we go by typing, at some point, can appear the suggestion to use an emoticon to express themselves better in that communication via chat in an app. Also interesting is the inclusion of the row numbers options.

A keyboard, Swype Keyboard that unlike the rest, has a price of € 1.13, although you can pass by the installation of test to see if actually he comes to fall in love with this way of typing with gestures; functionality that copied the rest of apps of keyboard at the time.

Download: Swype Keyboard Trial (Free+, Google Play) →

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