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Ninja Spinki is the creator of Flappy Bird new

Ninja Spinki

2 years ago Flappy Bird shocked the world by its irritating difficulty and become one of the games most quickly expanded in weeks. Great difficulty and a simple mechanics, with some reminiscences of the great Mario, did that you become viral play a game this game to test our patience to unsuspected limits.

Nguyen has been releasing more games, a well curious character who was even able to remove from virtual stores to its big Flappy Bird because it was not able to withstand the popularity. Anyway, it returns to the load with Ninja Spinki, a new title that follows that that made him so famous in a matter of weeks the length and breadth of the planet.

Ninja Spinki has a great feature, and this is that it presents several challenges in the form of various game mechanics. For example, in the first round we will have to use the side gestures to try to avoid that you crush a huge cat, while in the next round, we have to use our ability with gestures to destroy a few ninjas with surikens.

This gives other sensations when in games of this man, apart from the rest who swarm the Google Play Store, in particular, focus on a game mechanic to crush it to infinity. Ninja Spinki suggests that you have to adapt yourself to another form of play in each of these rounds, apart have infinite mode for you to demonstrate your skills in time for and share with friends.

This new game from the creator of Flappy Bird remains based in the tospecto retro in pixel art to continue having a game addictive and a little special users. Perhaps not featured as much as it did Flappy Bird, but sure that you will spend some good time with Ninja Spinki.

Download: Ninja Diademy Challenges! (Free, Google Play) →

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