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Nintendo again delays the release of Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing

While continue waiting for by Super Mario Run for comes in the month of March (us makes of expect Nintendo…), had the news of that would throw this same Thursday 2 of February to Fire Emblem: Heroes and Animal Crossing. That happens it won’t be completely as well.

Finally, Nintendo has delayed the release of Animal Crossing, although the arrival of Fire Emblem has left pristine: Heroes for this Thursday coming. It has been for the publication of third-quarter profit report, Nintendo has already announced that it would be the mobile version of Animal Crossing which will arrive for this year, which means that it would be between April 2017 and 2018 March (financial year.

So us stayed a little with them desire to by know how Nintendo were the scene mobile of the gaming with a new incorporation that is out of your character more famed and that all know by Mario. We have Fire Emblem, but we have a bittersweet taste to know that we will have to settle for one of the two at the moment.

You have not specified the day knowing the delay, but it would not take much in being published to accompany Fire Emblem. Another thing is that Nintendo let the release to have both to Super Mario Run as to Animal Crossing at the same time.

The curious thing about this new statement, is that Nintendo did not want to reveal the numbers of people who have paid the price of €9,99 which costs Super Mario Run. So of time is as a mystery the first arrival of Nintendo to the scene of the video games for devices mobile.

It has reported that it obtained a net profit of 569 million dollars and 1,500 million in revenues. Their titles more popular were the two new games Pokemon for the 3Ds, Pokemon Sun and Moon, that sold between the two them 15 million of units.

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