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Nintendo could enter the market for mobile controls

Mando de control

Nintendo released its first video game a few months ago to mobile devices with Miitomo. A social game that was aimed far but that has gradually been shortening their scope to leave us with the desire to actually test a game from Nintendo that has one gameplay more to what is a throughout life arcade. Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem will be the next two games that Nintendo will try to soothe the anxieties of many for video games that interlock with us and who are not merely social as if with Miitomo.

After you install this tomorrow Pokémon GO and start with the hunting of Pokemon in our neighborhood, now we know that Nintendo is heading to plunge into the market for the gaming controls through mobile devices. The news has been revealed by Shinya Takahashi, general manager of Nintendo Entertainment and development planning area.

These are the words of Takahashi:

Physical controls for smart devices are available in the market and it is possible to start with the development of some controls by ourselves. I think that the way of seeing things from Nintendo is that action games are not impossible to develop really (without a remote control for this type of device) and how you can do to create a video game in particular.

Takahashi also mentioned that Nintendo is exploring different types of apps, so those commands could be used perfectly to devise other types of gameplay and other gaming experience. An interesting proposal when Nintendo’s own commanders marked throughout a tendency when we had their first consoles already decades ago. So we will wait to actually know what the proposal for those controls.

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