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Nintendo Switch, controls the content for the little ones from Android

Since January, it is known that Nintendo was going to launch an application to manage the parental control over the contents of the new Nintendo Switch. The great N new console has a number of features related to its versatile and innovative design, but also implies complications to control what children can do with it. But thanks to Android this won’t be a problem.

Nintendo created a special application of parental control with which you can manage different configurations and Nintendo Switch functions directly from your mobile or Android tablet. The app will allow to control in detail the consumption of games, slots, time limits for a particular title and much more. The ultimate goal, which parents can make sure of the time their children spend in front of the screen.

Nintendo Switch control from your Android

The Android app timer will be shown in the form of a watch that alerts us when we are just a few minutes. When the counter reaches 0 the adult responsible for the application can decide if the console turns off automatically or it can follow on. It is an open configuration system because we can withdraw us or change a decision if we see that children deserve a little more than time of game or the like.

Another feature of the Nintendo Switch in Android app is the selection of content that each child can play. You can select ranges of ages thanks to the PEGI code that serves to categorize all the titles that are put on the market today. This is a very wise decision of Nintendo because there are many parents who pay attention to these categories to see which titles are appropriate or not for their children, and also how long exposure it is suitable with each different game.

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