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Nitrome returns with Hop Swap, a platform with a touch different

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Not me tire of make reviews of games of platforms by it important that is this category, although would prefer that in some two or three years had another type more than games with greater content, best graphics and characterized by others styles in the gameplay. Is check of less them good RTS, them simulators of greater complexity and those worlds in 3D open in which can flow to almost lose us in them if arrived to live it to stop. Of time, we are left with those studies that is characterized by show us its wisdom in the art of them platforms.

Nitrome is one of those studies that tends to publish games of much height and great accomplishment in it technical. Another point which is the difference between Nitrome of others is in its ability to give the twist to any of those crushed genres as which I have commented in the previous paragraph. Is by this that has released Hop Swap, another wise example that testifies it said until these words in this same paragraph (not ago missing that you go to the previous to understand it). Hop Swap is a platforms that tries to differentiate is to you go of a space top to the bottom in which find greater difficulties of it planned.

Two worlds in the same space of your screen

Hop Swap is based on some simple facts on the mechanics of the game. We have an open yellow sky, and a surface in purple. We have the ability to open heaven or to the surface to make a higher swipe; only there that change the address for return to one or another.

Hop Swap

This game mechanic we face a typical platforms that need to know to move well, with a protagonist who has a series of basic laws so we can go through different checkpoints (these can be saved to spend coins). The character can be moved between these two worlds to overcome all kinds of obstacles, which means that, if you cannot find a way out, sure that the best will be go directly to another reality to try to find it.

A protagonist a little special in the design

With this somewhat discriminating basis if we look at other platforms, Hop Swap gets us to use some of the resident gray matter in our brains. Apart from this, you will have to know to handle the character with different swipes for so jump on those platforms. Like other games, you have to collect coins that you can use to safeguard control points and don’t have to start the game from the beginning.

Hop Swap

A game that is handled quite well and that to the be between two worlds for go discovering all those levels and enemies, offers something special by what course and enjoy as dwarf. You’ll have to solve different puzzles, as it is very easy that tarry blocked in some areas. So I said, will be a matter that well explore the depths solving those difficult parts.

Hop Swap is a video game that is correct in trying to be a little original and that us returns to it retro with ones graphics pixelated, very identified with Nitrome, since all their games is dip in that style visual for follow them trends current in them video games for devices mobile.

You have for free from the Google Store Play without micropayments or advertising, so all the game is for you.

Technical quality

Hop Swap

A game that can be blamed him a small slowdown when the protagonist moves, although it appears rather to expert eyes. Say that you lack a bit of softness to all go as the silk. By the rest of elements technical, complies to the perfection it expected in a game as those of Nitrome.

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Opinion of the editor


  • Passing from one world to another
  • Great quality in it visual


  • The movement of the character could be more soft

Download application

Download: Hop Swap (+Free, Google Play) →

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