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Nokia D1C came the year that comes in two variants

El Nokia D1C llegaría el año que viene en dos variantes

Already we have been rumored about the arrival of Nokia to the world of Android devices, although this already happened a couple of years with the official presentation of its first Nokia operating system Android at MWC in Barcelona footballer while the company was recently acquired by Microsoft. Some terminals that passed with more grief than glory in an attempt to return to the top of the wave of mobile technology and it turned out to be a desperate attempt and a great fiasco since failed or narrowly the great expectations that the Android community had put on this big return of Nokia.

Now the thing is something different, and is that with this new inclusion in the world of Android handsets, Nokia this time seems to have things quite clearer betting on a new terminal that it would come to be a benchmark in the mid-range Android. A terminal that would be in principle and according to point all the rumors and known leaks, which would come with two different variants well differentiated in terms of size of screen and RAM capacity.

El Nokia D1C llegaría el año que viene en dos variantes

To begin to tell them that the so-called name in key or model of this new Nokia with Android operating system, would be simply Nokia D1C, a terminal that, in terms of its exterior design adds nothing new and is rather bored with an aesthetic with a few edges very square that they are not suited to current than most manufacturers design they have taken to their new releases.

A aesthetic very but very conservative that reminds us much the Lumia of Nokia and in which, as you say, something out-of-date or out of his time, feels a time are the edges or rounded and more stylized and power terminals in which being finished in metal.

Aside from their aesthetic part that is not going to serve rather than to an possible attraction at first sight, which on the other hand is no little thing, we will see that such shows these two new possible updates that would land Nokia in the world of mobile devices.

To begin to tell them that this new Nokia D1C would come in two distinct versions due to size of screen and RAM memory, so we would have two different models, one with a 5 inch display with FullHD resolution and 2 Gb of RAM, and a second larger version reaching the standard of the 5.5 inch screen also with FullHD resolution although in this model they would opt for a capacity of 3 Gb RAM.

El Nokia D1C llegaría el año que viene en dos variantes

Both terminals would come with the latest version of Android 7.0 Nougat and they would have the same Snapdragon 430 eight-core processor and runs at a maximum speed of clock 1.4 Ghz with the 505 Adreno GPU and a single version with 16 Gb of internal storage that seems rather little given the times that run, although that if slot for MicroSd memory card would have and to expand externally your little internal storage partition.

As for possible cameras integrated into this New Nokia D1C, both have front camera with 8 megapixel resolution and it would be in your main or rear camera in which we would count on cameras of different resolutions depending on the acquired version. Thus the terminal with 5-inch screen would come us with resolution of 13 megapixel rear camera, while to 5.5 inch screen and 3 Gb RAM model would have a camera with resolution 16 mpx.

Removing the low memory of storage internal that for my personally and in them times that run, opt by less than 32 Gb of storage internal me seems a Crassus error, removing that, I seem to specifications technical rather than correct for treat is of two terminals that van to trying to be leaders in the range of the range half Android.

Logically, all this so-called leadership depends on the selling price to the public that come out these new Nokia D1C, and is that the multinational wants and with the desire we all have to Nokia, if these terminals go on sale priced fair and affordable for all users, surely we are talking about next year the return of Nokia through the front door.

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