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Nokia phones will always receive the latest version of Android in record time


The moment we began to know that Nokia would bring a good collection of smartphones Android, came out a quite important aspect-related news and touches one of the handicaps of the operating system for most installed mobile devices on the planet, the subject of updates.

The plan of HMD is that Android phones should be updated all the time and therefore have been proposed that they receive changes almost in record time. Surely so far are more than words until we really see how they behave with one of the problems of Android.

The most simple and simple would be based on a custom layer almost non-existent and was to a pure Android to the Nexus and Pixel, thus not it would take both to make the transfer of the arrival of a version greater than the OTA has fall into phones so these are updated.

It is also known that Nokia phones could take advantage of the Android beta program. A Nokia spokesperson mentioned that the ambition of the company is always using the latest and safest Android version. That also include periodic updates and what would be the security patches.

The company is which CITES us with more information in the first half of 2017 and what would be the Nokia P1 would be announced at MWC, most the bonus of having the Nokia 8.

HMD and Nokia expect to publish regular updates on time, but we have to know more details about it, so the Mobile World Congress is proposed as the most appropriate time to do so. We have the vast majority with Android 7.0, while the Nexus and Pixel roam the 7.1.1, with a 7.1.2 which is currently in phase beta for them.

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