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Noodlecake Studios brings its commitment as a pinball for Christmas with Snowball

Pinout is an of the best additions that we have had in what goes of year in Android. A great turned of nut to the pinball classic of all the life, in which us find with a Board infinite in its extension and a physical of objects that you gives a great reality to all them movements that arise of go giving with them pallets to the ball that goes of here for beyond. It is not easy to reinvent the wheel, in this case what is a category in itself in such as pinball, but that game with graphic neon has managed to give the nail on the head to position itself as one of the best bets in recent years and that you can find from this article and video.

Noodlecake Studios now us brings his bet as a game of pinball with Snowball. A title that lends itself more to Christmas and the snow, and it stands just for these dates in which Christmas games have their one. To the reverse that Pinout, Noodlecake Studios bet by a videogame of a payment to you face to some tables of great size and that are in if a world a little dispar if one provides the attention in certain details that fly over the game. A video game created by the developer PixelJam and that has been published under that company so prolific, although has more predilection by launch games of payment that those more in the model freemium.

Filled with snow and large tables

Snoball takes what is a table traditional of pinball and it replaces with one that is covered of snow, have all type of dungeons and in that is can find all type of elements more related with these dates Christmas as can be dolls of snow, banks or igloos. A Christmas theme park that opens ahead of our commitment to this very interesting from this study that does not want to leave these dates to take advantage of greater leisure time that have a large number of players.


The objective of the game is simply the same that other game of pinball: tries to get all them points that can without losing by the road to the ball, since is this same which you will allow increase them. In Snowball, in any case, it has the accent put on exploration or discovery of new spaces on the Board, since, in the end, we are faced with a kind of Dungeon in which we find secret spaces that we find. Those secret sites will be full of points, so one of our goals is to discover them.

The pinball over Christmas

Snowball is the game perfect for Christmas, but outside these dates may or interests us both, although truth be told, it has great quality so let’s enjoy him even last December. It best of this game are its tables of large dimensions that are made for you centres in certain details, as in if is as a species of Park theme to it large by which wheel that ball that have of move through them different pallets. These pallets can be found in different positions and different sizes.


Snowball is available in the Google Play Store for €1.89. Not includes micropayments, but it will receive updates future with new content extra; supposedly new tables with which discover their secret and increase the time of life of the game. Mentioned that they include a night theme, a mode for time, new music, and options to change the difficulty to hardcore.

Technical quality


Noodlecake Studios often choose very well the games published in the mobile, and here again provide us one that stands out for its high technical quality at all levels. Another thing is that your theme or category do not fit in what you are looking for, but that pixel art is very well-drawn and lends itself to give a special touch to what is a pinball.

Opinion of the editor


  • Great pixel art
  • Large tables


  • A little expensive for what it is

Download application

Download: Snowball (€1.89, Google Play) →

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