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Nova Launcher 5.0 beta adds Pixel Launcher apps shortcuts

App shortcuts

If there is anything that characterizes Nova Launcher, apart from being the best bowler of existing apps on Android by the completeness that is, is because the team behind this app is on par with what happens with all the innovations that come from older versions of the OS for mobile Google devices. It is a great advantage for users that they must wait for their phones to be updated that one can configure your launcher as if outside the Pixel or accedes to a night theme that even isn’t even active in Nougat.

It is now in version 5.0 of Nova Launcher has been integrated two well interesting news. The first is the option of having the app shortcuts or shortcut of apps that allow you with a long press to access several certain actions of the same application. I.e., that for a long period by clicking on the shortcut of the Play Store, will give you the option to directly access the section of your application, even if you have Android 6.0 Marhsmallow. It has not only been in this, they even added time in the search bar option to the Pixel Launcher.

The apps shortcuts in Nova Launcher 5.0 beta even in Marshmallow

Nova Launcher allows you to now in the beta 5.0 if you have a phone with Android Marshamallow, you can access the app shortcuts that are Android 7.1 Nougat. Aren’t all the available shortcuts 7.1, but are a few that are going to be able to use your phone with Marshmallow. Some good interesting are the mentioned the Play game Store, the settings mismamente on Gmail that allows you with a long press access or compose an email directly.

Nova Launcher

The list of app shortcuts you have available in Nova Launcher 5.0 beta are as follows:

  • System settings: Wi-Fi, battery and data usage
  • Google Docs/sheets/slides: new document and search
  • Maps: home and work
  • Gmail: compose an email
  • Calendar: new event, new reminder
  • Google photos: luck and free space
  • Play Music: have lucky, my library, recent
  • Play Store: my apps
  • Google: type in search, voice search
  • Keep: new note, list, photo, audio
  • Todoist Beta: add task, search, today

Another major advantage of these shortcuts or apps shortcuts app, is that when you click hold for your various options in compatible apps appear at this time, you can take the shortcut and remove it from the app to place it on the desktop to access my Apps in the Store Play or be able to compose an email in Gmail directly. It’s a great to access these fast action way.


Compatible apps list also depends on that the same developers to update their apps to allow these actions as it has recently done Todoist in this new update of two days ago.

Keep the time in the search bar to the Pixel

Another of the options that have been included in this Nova Launcher beta update is that now can be activated by default in the Google search bar is the integrated view of time. This option is even available for those who don’t have the premium version active offering a number of considerable features for those who have the personalization in Android as one of their flags.

Barra de búsqueda

That Yes, at least to me, the option to display the time has a bug that does not allow nor show him even with the active location. If you want to have the shortcuts app in Android Marshmallow 6.0 or higher, do not delay in install the apk from the beta or waiting to get to the Play Store.

Download the APK from Nova Launcher 5.0 beta

Download: Nova Launcher (Free, Google Play) →

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