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Now on Tap can now recognize images in any app, including in the camera

Now on Tap

Now on Tap can be very useful at times if it is known to use properly, as it can be found in the translation or meaning of a word selected, apart from the fact that Google continues to update this feature limited in Marshmallow and the prior for developers of Android N, as did 2 months ago. In yesterday he has received some new pass to comment and they can deliver the final blow for certain actions.

You now have the ability to select text in any app, activate the gesture from Now On Tap and receive results on the selected text. A great way to use this tool on any app and where really want without seeing us restricted in any way. Google even has been ported and launched the news of these new features from an entry to one of their blogs.

Apart from that capacity for text recognition, Google has sought to propel the image search. Now on Tap now you can use image recognition to deliver results on those who are on display. As in the text selection now works in any app, this new capability is also available in the same way.

But one of the most striking features in this update, is that Now On Tap works also through the camera app, to take pictures of the viewfinder when the camera is switched on and to provide contextual results to what it “sees”. Unique functionality that can be used in a big city to check if Google is able to guess what this museum we have opposite our.

These changes come from the server-side, so presumably not all smartphones that are Now On Tap can use it. A little patience as it happens in most of these cases.

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