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Now you can play Solitaire and tic-tac – toe on Google search

Tic tac toe

Facebook Messenger has several games hidden to which you can take a split if Spears the emoticon appropriate. We have published a few months ago how can play basketball and soccer in this app for Facebook that will soon integrate button to add contacts as if it were a totally independent app.

Google also incorporates mini games in the same system operating Android, as is that game type Flappy Bird, and now us is offering a pair of games with which take an of those split quick if not want to install any app and only us want to assert of the search of Google. Is from this space in which you can play to the lonely and to the tic tac toe.

It is as simple as typing “Tic Tac Toe” or “Solitaire” in the search box of Google on your smartphone and you’ll have the option to take a game to each of those games from your browser. Both have the ability to select the level of difficulty, and if so you stay outside locked in the game, you have the option to restart the departure of well quickly.


Them other features that is include is the difficulty, time and target in scores in solo, while will have the option of choose be X u or in tic tac toe. Two games that are defined from a language of design minimalist that not you cost much to the hardware moving it to make us enjoy and that not eat battery. So for the next time that you do not know to do and have no desire to download data from your smartphone, from the Google search box will have two new games.


The only handicap, is for the moment only I have been able to play Tic Tac Toe, already to the solo, after typing it both in English and in Spanish, does not appear.

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