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Official images of Huawei Matt 9-Matt 9 Pro leaked

Mate 9

With all what happens now with the Google Pixel, within not much will have another great phone with us and that comes from Huawei; This one is which was on the verge of being which manufactured Google phones, but ultimately withdrew it to be merely that manufacturase them unless his name appear anywhere.

We now have what are official images of two smartphones imminent Huawei, Matt 9-Matt 9 Pro. It comes in two variants, one internally known as Manhattan, and Matt 9 Pro, as Long Island, that will be the one with the best specifications if compared to the Matt 9.

Differences are also in the design, since Matt 9 will have a Design drawing on the screen, while the 9 Pro matte directly addresses the curved sides to the edge.

It is also known that both phones will have a 5.9-inch screen, but it will be the most basic model, Matt 9, which remains at the Full HD resolution, while Matt 9 is passed to the Quad HD (2560 x 1440). Another distinctive aspect, apart from that Mate 9 Pro will offer support to DayDream VR from Google, is that only will sell in China, while Matt 9 will be launched globally.

The two devices will have the chip Kirin 960, 4 GB of RAM and an internal memory that will go from 64 GB to 256 GB. Similar to the Huawei P9, the two will have a system of cameras dual in the part back.

He Huawei Matt 9 and Matt 9 Pro will be in an event of the next week, just the 3 of November, in which already know closely all them features and images of these two new phablets that come directly to fill them hollow empty left by the Galaxy Note 7.

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