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“OK Google” voice command support finally comes to Android Auto

Android Auto

Just 3 weeks ago, Android Auto was launched globally so that all users can have an app on their smartphones or tablets that will help them in everyday driving to your home or your workplace. This app provides access to certain well interesting characteristics that come to us very well when we are in a vehicle, puts the spotlight on an interface that will get us to focus more on the road.

Android Auto is finally receiving the voice “Ok Google” command support. Auto was launched two weeks ago with basic functionality, but could guess it was more like a beta product. One of the big absences was the voice command “OK Google”, which is present in many devices Android to Android Wear, or Google Home. Being an app that is designed to not be distracted from the road, the hands-free option is one of the best additions.

Still it has to be seen the official announcement by Google, but the truth is that it is already beginning to be used by some users who have even been able to publish an image to attest to the fact that you have already “OK Google” in your Android Auto.

Android Auto

“OK Google” support is currently displayed in the app from Google, just under the option “while driving”, is the new description that says “runs on Google Maps and Android Auto”. The check box is not new, but the mention of Android car is.

For to have the support to this command of voice, there is that install it version 2.0.6427, that is which seems that active it functionality, although not is the only requirement, since seems to be that are again before that activation from the side of the server, so can be that have it option some, while others will have that wait a little.

An of the best additions has received Android Auto in these two years and coming just to soon be available globally.

Download the version of Android Auto 2.0.6427

Download: Android Auto (Free, Google Play) →

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