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OmniVision sensor OV12890 12 MP with 1.55 pixel size presents microns

Omnivision OV 12890

Sony is located in a position of leadership in the creation of the best lenses of the market and that the vast majority of brands struggle to integrate them into their smartphones. You have other competitors such as the own Samsung with its ISOCELL, but today the Japanese manufacturer has managed to stand out from the rest of competitors in this sector. We already met as he even prides itself on its stabilization by software called SteadyShot technology.

But in this world of technology not you can stay standing looking at how well you know what to do, when there are other brands like OmniVision, which still presented their camera lenses such as the new OV12890. Your new camera 12MP 1/2.3 sensor for smartphones of high range with a pixel size of 1.55 microns. Use the PureCel Plus-S technology that offers improved sensitivity and index signal to radio with greater reading architecture than previous sensors of larger.

Some of its other features include (PDAF) phase detection autofocus and is available as a camera lens focused on high-end smartphones, so it will not surprise us that we see not inside much terminals with this sensor.


OV12890 technical specifications

  • Pixel size: 1.55 x 1.55 Micron Micron, lens size: 1/2. 3″
  • Improved dual camera support
  • High-speed architecture for FPS
  • Programmable controllers index frames, cropping and windowing
  • Output formats: 10/12-bit RGB RAW, DPCM compression 10-8
  • Support for image size: 12MP (4096 x 3072), 4K2K (3840 x 2160), 1080 p (1920 x 1080), 720 p (1280 x 720)
  • Maximum transfer rate of image: 12MP (4:3): 45 ps, 4K2K (16:9): 60 fps, 1080 p HD (crop+bin): 240 fps
  • Control bus (SCCB)
  • Output strobe to control flash
  • Image quality controls for correction of defective pixel, auto-calibration of the level of black and the lens shading correction
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Normal module size: 10 x 10 x 6 mm

The OmniVision OV12890r lens is available for manufacturers and is expected to come into production scale in the last quarter of this year.

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