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On average, only 5 percent of users make micropayments in applications


In games such as Clash Royale and many others have great popularity, there are many companies who use the so-called “Whales” for important benefits. And it is that they are players who are able to spend thousands of dollars to have all the legendary cards a game and thus be able to take advantage in games. The good thing about that game that also lack the skill of the player, the only thing that is like the struggle of David against Goliath.

The reality that we have is that acquire that extra for a warrior in a game through a micropayment not is so used as can get to create. AppsFlyer performed a study in which is observed 300 million of dollars spent on some thousand apps through 100 million of users only in the month of April. Of all them only the 5 per cent of them users global made a purchase through a micropayment with a half of 9,60 dollars by month.

The base of users who buy from iOS (7.2 per cent of all users) is greater than the one with Android (4.6 per cent) and often spend twice more per transaction (12.77 dollars per each in iOS against Android 6.19 dollars) and two and a half times more so monthly. Another fact is that iOS users tend to spend more on shopping apps, while the Android prefer apps to productivity.

Asia marks all records with an average of $ 10.65 per purchase, while Europeans use 5.61 dollars and in South America to 4.61 dollars. America of the North is remains in the $8.68, only 12 cents on the average global of purchases of micropayments.

A few micropayments we see them in the majority of video games that exist in the Play Store but are not as used as one might think, but Yes it gives the developers to continue betting for this business model. On the other hand we have to them stickers in apps of chat as LINE, that show a great state of health.

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