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One of the designers of HTC lives top moves to Google Daydream


There are several relationships among technology companies that are quite evident by how well take. One is LG with Google, and the latter with HTC. The three companies have feedback by various interests that have converged in certain products that have had great success. HTC in the beginning of Android launched wonderful terminals, and LG made it same with the series Nexus, apart from be an of them important in the market of smartphones of the SO for devices mobile more installed of the planet.

If we have known for a while that Hugo Barra gets Xiaomi Facebook as head of Oculus VR, virtual reality of Facebook, we now know that Google has recruited a new Chief of design for your mobile Daydream VR platform. Claude Zellweger, who was had a very important role in the lives of HTC design team and played another great role on the design language of HTC smartphones, has taken his Twitter to reveal the news.

HTC has confirmed that Claude Zellweger has left the company and appreciated his considerable contribution to HTC. If you look at the history of HTC, in 204 lost its head of design which gave many wings to the company, Scott Croyle, and that was passed to the next smartphone Nextbit cloud-centric. In less than a year, Jonah Becker moved to lead the industrial design at Fitbit. The two were part of the beginnings of HTC when your company’s design, One & Co, was acquired by the Taiwanese manufacturer there by 2008.

(@vladsavov i am joining Google Daydream, so that you can redirect your criticism:).

-Claude Zellweger (@Claudibus) January 26, 2017

It is now when its third partner in this adventure, Claude Zellweger, eight years after forming part of HTC, when you complete the exodus of One & Co to finish in Google. Anyway, the departure of Zellweger will not do great harm in the design of terminals of HTC, since this was working in virtual reality live HTC terminal; an excellent device, such as I could check and expressed in this article.

It has all the experience, therefore, to increase the capabilities of the virtual reality of Google which is known as Daydream.

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