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One of the most important features of the Galaxy S8 will not be available at launch

Bixby para Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has many impressive features, like your “Infinity” curved screen, the processor Snapdragon 835, configurable buttons on the screen, or the iris scanner in the front Chamber, but a particular function has been postponed by the company.

Specifically, the virtual assistant Bixby, who was one of the one of the major novelties of the new flagship, will reach no controls for voice support, although Yes it will have other functions.

According to a statement made by Samsung, Search by voice for the software function will reach just “late spring”.

“With its intelligent interface and contextual knowledge, Bixby will make your mobile becomes more useful helping you to complete different tasks, telling you what you are seeing, learning your routines and recalling what you should do. Some of the most important functions of Bixby, such as Vision, Home or Reminder, will be available for the global launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 on April 21. However, Bixby Voice will be available for the Galaxy S8 in the U.S. later this spring “.

To clarify the announcement, Vision is a function of augmented reality for the camera, while Home is a clone of Google Now feed and Reminder refers to the possibility of setting reminders.

Taking into account the large focus of the S8 in Bixby, as for example to the device even has a button dedicated for your use, the lack of control by voice raises some doubts about the professionalism of Samsung.

Anyway, this functionality was only going to be available for United States and South Korea, while the remaining countries will receive support to Bixby much later.

So if you go to buy the Galaxy S8 in the near future, probably the best thing you can do is remap the button from Bixby to make another function.

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