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OnePlus 3 is the King right now at AnTuTu


OnePlus has stopped the deployment of the OTA OnePlus 3 installation problems for some users who were waiting to get those improvements in management of RAM, a new mode for the screen and the solutions to the problems of the GPS. OnePlus 3 which is located in a great position to become one of the smartphones with the best value for money.

It is now when AnTuTu, the popular tool for benchmarking, has published the Top 10 smartphones in performance for the first half of 2016 and OnePlus 3 which leads that list. Although it has received criticisms for the problems in the management of the RAM when you only use 4 GB, something it is doing well this phone that allows you to get the best scores in AnTuTu.

This list comes from the data that users themselves up from the benchmark made with version 6 of the app for Android. So the data are more subject to benefit at the smartphones that come from China this can be also a Chinese service.

All the smartphones that you can see in the list, apart from the iPhone, have inside the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip, 4 GB of RAM and most have screens of 1920 x 1080, with the exception of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. This brings us to know the smartphones that have less resolution on screen are able to rate it best in AnTuTu and at the same time do not consume much battery.

One interesting measure to know where are the shots of all the high-end market that now inhabit and which continue highlighting a few that we have in these parts as the Samsung, that to be a smartphone launched in February, is still giving enough war as you can see.

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