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OnePlus 5 specifications leaked

Concepto del OnePlus 5

Concept of the OnePlus 5 made on the basis of the recent leaks

Last summer, OnePlus presented their high end smartphone OnePlus 3, which a few months later was followed by the OnePlus 3T, which basically retained the same design, but brought a more powerful processor. Now, as we approach the summer, have begun to circulate all kinds of reports about the OnePlus 5, the new flagship of the Chinese company.

But before we get into the latest leaks about the new smartphone, it must be clarified that the company will be skipped version 4 because apparently it brings bad luck in China, so instead of calling OnePlus 4, the new phone will be called directly OnePlus 5.

Technical characteristics of the OnePlus 5

Concepto del OnePlus 5 hecho en base a las recientes filtraciones

Concept of the OnePlus 5 made on the basis of the recent leaks

According to the Pop PCportal, the next device will feature a completely renovated design, whose protagonist will be your screen 5.5 inches with resolution 2 K and a very thin frames. As a result, the fingerprint reader will pass to the back of the terminal, although the terminal will continue wearing a front capacitive buttons (that can be disabled by the user).

In terms of hardware, OnePlus 5 will supposedly be processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, along with a whopping 8 GB of RAM. This might appear surprising at first, but the OnePlus 3 already had 6GB of RAM, so the jump to 8GB would be logical, but unnecessary.

The new terminal will also take a battery of 3. 000mAh 23 megapixel rear camera with Wireless charging, with an optical zoomand optical image stabilization. On the other hand, its thickness would be only 7 mm.

By now, is not known to other things will change in the design of the OnePlus 5. Both the Galaxy S8 and LG G6 used glass roofs, while 8 iPhone could adopt a similar approach. There are many possibilities that the new flagship of the Chinese company leave metal and bring in addition resistance IP68 certification.

Possible price and release date of the OnePlus 5

Concepto del OnePlus 5

With a new design and a higher resolution screen, OnePlus 5 could debut with a price higher than the one of their predecessors. When it was announced the OnePlus 2, more affordable model had an approximate price of 300 euros, while OnePlus 3 debuted with a price of €399 and the OnePlus 3T currently costs about 439 euros.

As for the date of launch of the OnePlus 5, Chinese company normally presents its devices at the beginning of the summer, so not much remains until you see the new terminals.

Source and images: PCPOP

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