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OnePlus co-founder reveals sketches of the design of a so-called smartwatch

OnePlus wearable

We have had a few weeks quite occupied with all the leaks and news that emerged before the release of the OnePlus 3. After its release it was a lot of news that had to do with the management of the RAM memory of this phone that is capaba its capacity so that it does not infiriera in an excessive consumption of battery. Even OnePlus has published files so that users can launch custom ROMs to take advantage of that hardware in RAM.

Now is when the company has finally revealed some sketches of 2015 which teaches its OnePlus smartwatch which never became a reality. Most of the drawings teach a clock with a circular design, and while there are not many details in these sketches, you can see that Pei was imagining a device that would fit within a framework of a belt, which would allow it to be exchanged quickly.

Possibly the smartwatches being a market where you almost play it by throwing one today, OnePlus was decided to pursue the project and finally left it in the bedroom. Anyway, we can know that they have intentions to embark on other types of devices if they see that there is a market for it. And while we don’t really know what would have been the final version of the OnePlus wearable, it might have been a competitive alternative to the smartwatches market.

The reality is that OnePlus has been done with a name in a very short time Strip offering high-end well affordable, it would be interesting to see how he is able to bring that philosophy to a wearable. Xiaomi, one of the experts in this special value for money, will soon have its smartwatch, by what we will know if it is possible to release one to a low price but which provides quality and good service, as it would have been that OnePlus wearable.

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