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OnePlus stops Oxygen OS 3.2.0 for OnePlus 3 update

OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 is one of the best smartphones of the Android market when one does not want to move to the high-end of the best-known manufacturers and you want to buy the best components without almost being an eye of the face in the purchase. To have an Snapdragon 820 chip and a 6 GB RAM memory for €399 is a luxury and by this same company is has been gaining the heart of many users who have found it the best way to access a great hardware.

Two days ago we met OnePlus had released an update to improve the management of the RAM, one of the handicaps that has this phone does not use all the RAM that possesses, but merely uses four gigabytes. Oxygen OS 3.20 was the version of the update and now it has been stopped by the company itself to appear a number of problems when trying to install the update on the OnePlus 3.

Oxygen OS 3.2.0 brought with him an optimisation of the management of RAM memory, a new mode sGRB and corrections in GPS. Apart from better define management of RAM (not passes still from the 4 GB), is remarkable the incorporation of sRGB within Developer settings mode getting to adjust the colors on the screen to avoid misalignments to be an AMOLED panel.

This new version has been halted distribution because some users are experiencing problems when you try to install the update. So, until OnePlus is not the solution to this problem, the OTA is paralyzed until further notice. A hurdle to an update that does not reach or the month since the phone is available for purchase, this time without having to wait to receive an invitation to be able to finish this important terminal with a great value for money.

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