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Ookujira or strange and enormous whale that has to save the humanity of aliens

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Sometimes we find bizarre ways of projecting the story or a video game mechanics. There are few chances that our lines pass some games that draw attention forcefully by the wrathful and peculiar that they can become its protagonists. This is the case in Fast Food Rampage, a game in which we transform into a MIME it Max wants to take revenge on those vegans that have passed their food fast food Empire. A casual and title with another more fun way to try to see a problem that only exists in the mind of the main character, created by the mind of another designer of video games that surely has a lot of fun.

Something that reminds us to Ookujira and that special and enormous whale that has taken the decision to take a spin around the city. This is the main reason for Ookujira fun and that puts us before a special platforms that surely in your life had occurred to you that there was. But yes, it’s been already a few decades since we started to vitiate with videogames and occurrences there are many, as you can see with this special title Android. The story is well peculiar, since the Earth is being invaded by alien robots and humans current technology can not stop this assault on our planet. Depends on this huge cetacean which our race follow alive and kicking as he will.

Salt from the oceans to help humans

That huge tail it allows to the great whale jump from the sea and elevate is before the first skyscrapers and thus show all their ferocity and his huge size. This is that sea creature will come to the surface to defend the cities of humans of those aliens who do not want anything more than take what is theirs.


It is quite curious that we have to rely on a huge whale our survival, but rather she will be the channel to focus so skillfully on go giving double jumps to get to the top of the skyscraper. The gameplay and mechanics is an bit expensive to understand at first, but after seeing how the poor whale is stamped his enormous body against the asphalt, we will begin to understand how we can go moving from building to building, as I said, will not be easy at the beginning to understand the mechanics.

Hard to understand the mechanical of game

Ookujira aims to carry us before a species of Flappy Bird in which change to the bird by a whale and to them skyscrapers as them safeguards where may rest during some seconds, since, due to the displacement side, will have that search another roof so the great cetacean take impulse and can get to the following.


You can get new skins for the whale, gems to powers or use some special ability that will help us to solve the serious problem of the alien threat. Arrived to this point, already can tell that it know of this game casual that not seeks nothing more than you surprised by your bizarre initiative, its graphics of great style and them jumps epic of a huge whale that seems rather a sardine with on excess of weight.

Otherwise, got you for free from the Google Store Play, although you have micropayments to access those extras. Have the option of play videos for thus access of form more quick to skins and other elements of the game.

Technical quality

A game that has a design well care and that gets that the word harmony resonates by our minds when we delight by its graphics. Them mechanical are well achieved and manages to give us the feeling of that the developers know what make. Another thing is to make us jump and the ability to go getting more points.

Opinion of the editor


  • Great art in the visual
  • It is original


  • It is hard to take him trick

Download application

Download: Ookujira – the giant whale (Free+, Google Play) →

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