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Opera Mini for Android adds the feature of downloading videos

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With photographs happens to us that there are some that capture our attention we want to have them finally both hosted on our phone to dispose of them when us real win. This same can happen with the videos on the Internet, some funny either flashy can that they become a special one that we want to then teach to a friend or family member. By this same there are always tools for downloading videos.

But if a browser web of great quality as is Opera Mini it offers by default, almost no is can ask nothing more. And is that the web browser Opera Mini for Android now has functionality for the download of videos to help you consume your data plan to allow you to record videos for later playback form offline. A new feature coming on par with what has made so popular to this web browser called Opera Mini.

The way in which it carries out its work this feature is quite easy; having it also you can forget download another app to accomplish the same task. Once you have updated Opera Mini on Android, when you play a video from a website of this type of content or social networking, when you click to play it, it will allow you to choose the folder where you want to be downloaded.

Descarga vídeos

You can choose both the storage card micro SD or own the phone. If so you were rejected the idea of downloading it, you can do so during playback by clicking on the icon located in the top right corner. The only downside is that it is not fully functional in all sites, especially in those who have integrated media player. So you can forget about this feature for web sites of video streaming such as YouTube.

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