Monday , February 26 2024

YouTube Kids app expands its presence to more smart TV

YouTube Kids is the version of the popular app’s YouTube adapted to the smallest of the House. Launched at the beginning of the year 2015, Google has announced its expansion to a greater number of smart TVs under the signatures of the manufacturers Samsung, Sony and LG, which added YouTube …

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Google steps up its fight against the false news

The so-called “false news” are almost as old as man himself however, with the proliferation of the internet and new digital media, also there have been many websites that, in the best of cases, offer misleading information and at worst, clearly false and/or offensive. But Google appears ready to fight …

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Now available the new family guy Android game

Today is a great day for all the users of Android devices that are fans of the irreverent animated Family guyseries. The reason? That andto the new game based on this series is available in the Google Play Store. Family Guy freakin’ Mobile Game, and called this new puzzle game …

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