Monday , February 19 2018

OnePlus 5 specifications leaked


Concept of the OnePlus 5 made on the basis of the recent leaks Last summer, OnePlus presented their high end smartphone OnePlus 3, which a few months later was followed by the OnePlus 3T, which basically retained the same design, but brought a more powerful processor. Now, as we approach …

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Xiaomi Mi-6 and Mi 6 Plus: prices and specifications


Xiaomi Mi-6 and Mi Plus 6 new terminals will be unveiled by the Chinese company sometime today. But before its release, someone stepped forward and leaked prices of new devices through the social network Weibo. In a nutshell, Xiaomi Mi 6 will have a price of 2.199 Yuan certificate or …

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A new flexible memory could boost the creation of flexible smartphones


A group of scientists from the University of Exeter has presented a document which details the development of a new storage technology based on the grafenor and which could “pave the way for a future golden age of Electronics”. Apparently, it’s an alternative that cheaper, more efficient and more environmentally …

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Are the first pictures of the Galaxy Note 7 refurbished


Already several months suspected that South Korean fame Samsung could be planning the sale of its ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 refurbished units, until a couple of weeks, through a statement focused on the recycling of devices to be respectful with the environment, Samsung confirmed such intentions. Effectively, the company will …

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The G6 LG boasts an original resistance test


LG smartphones were never known for their strength. The LG V10 was probably the first successful attempt of the company in the manufacture of a heavy duty device, but with the G6, the Korean company takes things to another level. As you already have a few weeks ago, LG G6 …

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Pokémon GO will soon debut a cooperative multiplayer mode

Pokémon GO is still a very popular all over the World game and on all mobile platforms. According to the latest statistics published by its developer, Niantic, the game now has more than 65 million monthly players. Because of its enormous popularity among players in the mobile, Pokémon GO has …

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