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PayPal already provides support to the sensor of fingerprint on Android


Fingerprint sensor has become one of favorite security systems by many users since they have been able to get his hands a smartphone that has this hardware. This type of scanner already is something basic in a device mobile that go to exit to the sale, by what are many them services and apps that begin to offer support to the same for benefit is of your comfort and ease of use.

While there are already several banking services through their respective apps offered support to the fingerprint sensor, PayPal was us. Today is when it announced that PayPal’s Android app provides support to this scanner for all phones that have this SO, when until today Samsung’s only were those who had the ability to login to your account with the use of this sensor.

Today, any user who has PayPal installed on your mobile phone you can use the login with its traces of Nexus Imprint on Android sensor. In the version 6.5.1 of the app, there is a new option of sensor of traces low it option home of session and security that you allows use the fingerprint fingerprint stored in your phone for start session in your has of PayPal.

This will get to not have that be introducing the name of user and password whenever go in the app, by what will facilitate the use of this service. Once you have active option, the only thing you have to do is use your fingerprint to enter directly to PayPal.

All device with Android Marshmallow or higher should be able to use your fingerprint to access the app, so already you are taking if you are a user of this banking service online. If you do not see the update in the Play Store, check below to download the APK version 6.5.1.

Download the APK from PayPal version 6.5.1

Download: PayPal (Free, Google Play) →

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