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Pebble refreshes its smartwatches so it will operate after the closure of their servers

Fitbit cancelará los proyectos de Pebble Time 2 y Core

After having been purchased by Fitbit in December of last year, Pebble informed its users that it would continue offering support to its smartwatches with the functions intact for at least one year more. However, time is running out and the company’s servers will probably shut down at the end of this year if Fitbit has no other plans for this platform.

Now, four months after announcing the purchase of Pebble, Fitbit decided to launch a new firmware update so that consumers don’t see is affected by the changes suffered by Pebble. For this reason, regardless of the smartphone you have, either an iOS or Android, you can download soon the new update for free.

Main innovations of the new firmware update for the smartwatches of Pebble

Pebble firmware

The main objective of the new update is to allow all smartwatches of Pebble spreading of cloud-based services, so it can work normally even after closing of the os servers.

After you have installed the new firmware, if an authentication server can not be reached, mobile applications will allow the watches function normally. In addition, with the new update, users may skip the logon process.

Although the option to contact support technical it was already eliminated from the system, users of Pebble can still leverage function to export all diagnostic data (such as the database with all the information of health gathered to date).

Pebble firmware

If you have a smartwatch’s Pebble it is recommended that you install the update because as they close the servers, your clock may become unusable without the new firmware.

Now is not known what plans does Fitbit with purchase of Pebble, but it seems that the company is not interested in further development of the platform. Anyway, to having spent so little time from this acquisition, we still have to wait quite some time to find out the exact plans of the Fitbit.

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