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Pets: Unleashed, the Electronic Arts bet for a high-quality match-3

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In the realm of the match-3 , we have a great Candy Crush Soda reigning at ease and without that anyone approaching you to replace him or at least come near enough so that they may think that your job is in danger. From the outside bought KING, responsible for the development, by Activision Blizzard, has even taken more entity knowing that you have this big company as a great protector economically. Anyway, continue to see how come new match-3 game that truth is not bad. Four weeks ago we share five video games in this category if you want to take off some so much candy.

We have the attempt of Electronic Arts to bring us pets: unleashed from the creators of my favorite villain, Gru and the Minions. A high-quality match-3 and offering some good interesting touches like having one of the characters in the main screen as we seek the way of combining all these toys. Pets: Desatadas is a video game that does not seek more you spend it you well a good time and the truth that have managed to create one of this category, in which candies triumph, which is not bad.

It combines all kinds of toys

From EA and Illumination Enternainmente get pets: Desatadas, a game in which like everyone else in this category, will go through levels by combining all those toys and go getting the points needed to pass them. A type of games that they are magical effects that produce combinations and the fall of new rows so that automatically you go pulling away of all the chips and get more points and passes all these levels.


With each new chapter you can unlock new pets, boards and new goals as achievements. A type of content to which we are accustomed and which lends itself to the basics in this match-3 category. Video games for all the family and which don’t need much to pass it very well. It has several interesting features such as the supercombos which serve to enable improvements of the pet, such as a flock of parakeets or pump immersion Tiberius and Bridget to help you clear the Board.

Many pets are waiting for you

It is in that variety of environments, boards and all kinds of pets where one of the big differences with other games of this style. They will appear a good fun with some animations which sometimes will get you lose the attention of the Board to see that action carried out.

Mascotas Desatadas

Graphically Gets a little charm and the effects of a large number of combos which makes it easy to attached to items offered by pet: Desatadas. The only thing that might be frustrating not allow combining chips when a combo is underway, although this can be something quite normal, what happens is that it loses a bit of agility to download toys those boards full of them.

A 3 match has great qualities and that if you’re used to this kind of video games you’ll inevitably engage and you can have it for some time installed on your smartphone. Electronic Arts has been able to bring Basic for a game of this type as they are a lot of levels, sympathetic characters, lighting effects and a well adjusted difficulty so that it allows us to keep playing. You have it free from the Play Store with typical micropayments.

Technical quality

Mascotas Desatadas

It is rare that Electronic Arts published a video game that does not have quality, and pets: Desatadas will not be the exception, so we are facing a great technical quality in all its elements. Since the 3D we can see rendering or those dozens of lighting effects that will make combos a visual spectacle worth seeing.

Opinion of the editor


  • High technical quality
  • The effects of the combos


  • It can cause an excessive battery use

Download application

Download: Pets: Unleashed (Free*, Google Play) →

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