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Pilot a car decked with a bomb ticking Time Bomb race

Time Bomb Race

What can cost you day today to a good video game Excel between this maremagnum of titles that are in the Google Play Store. It is for this reason that the big G is even promoting festivals and contests to get out of anonymity to video games that have great quality and need a little push to get to see. It is not easy to be an indie band of developers who have a lot of ideas in mind, but which is unable to show them enough “cash” do not have to use advertising. Luckily Google knows that there are between those indie developers the next Minecraft and Crossy Roads.

Time Bomb Race is possibly one of those quality games to be found half-hidden among the great medley of all kinds of titles. From our pages, we try to remove them also afloat so that they are not hidden and you may know of them. Time Bomb Race is a game in which you drive a vehicle that has dressed in his ceiling a time bomb. Already with this, almost you can deduce what the gameplay of this game that promises great fun for next Christmas, and up, with a great soundtrack that you will tatareando.

Be careful with the car you’ll see…

The games model time Bomb Race usa physics and the 2D-based that you should know to use the accelerator and the brake. Apart from having to know how to use these two controls to go dodging the unevenness in forms of slopes and descents, the bomb attached to the car will mean that if you are not able to get extra time, you explotaréis more hopeless.

Time Bomb Race

And not only explotaréis when is time of the timer runs out, but as you do a bad landing or volquéis, the explosion will sound almost in the entire House. With this mechanical you will begin your journey by Time Bomb Race, a good fun game that will sound a soundtrack that will get you to finish with her in mind humming it.

Lots of levels and cars

With this command for the selected for the brake and accelerator, you should be careful with these slopes and slopes that you will get in big trouble in many circumstances. Here comes within those games of which there are a large number of them in the Google Play Store.

Time Bomb Race

Like those, uses a lot of vehicles you’ll have to unlock, different capacities that you have to improve (typical of the cars) and different environments that are drawn with great precision with a pretty flashy visual style. Among which we have to go buying new cars and improve those who have, such as stability, traction, wheels and engine.

Apart from all this, you also have a series of obstacles that will take you to zombies, melons and Octopus, so the variety is served so that you keep playing you for a few days a fun and interesting game.

Got you for free from the Google Store Play with obvious micropayments, although there is one who is exceeded to reach the € 59.99.

Technical quality

Time Bomb Race

Time Bomb Race does not offer much more of what was said, but all that content generally leads to a fairly successful game objectives. Funds could say that it is the best that has, allowing you to move those environments almost hand-drawn. Designs of vehicles are well earned and animation and physics convey the real feeling that gets to play a game to get further. A game which has been enough love, but which lacks some other mode to give greater variety.

Opinion of the editor


  • His successful design in the visual
  • The physics of the car


  • Have no more game modes

Download application

Download: Time Bomb Race (Free+, Google Play) →

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