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PKTBALL is a fascinating game of tennis with a great 4 player local multiplayer

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Although we have not Rafa Nadal in his best shape, tennis has a lot of followers because of the fantastic years that has given us this great Spanish athlete and has left us in our memory those Roland Garros achieved or that breathtaking final of Wimbledon that played against another tennis legend as it is Roger Federer. A sport that we have seen this recently around here thanks to a casual arcade who knew how to put the accent on a well fun gameplay and know that by One Tap Tennis. A retro casual game that offers some of the feelings when we see a game of tennis on TV, something that goes above and beyond when we talk about PKTBALL.

PKTBALL is an excellent casual game of tennis that surprises with its gameplay, its successful design and for allowing that we can play with up to four friends from our device. A game that at first surprised by how much fun that might be going by releasing one setback after another and although it may seem easy, is quite complicated to get its juice to reach victory. Frantic non-stop hits will lead us to feel almost the same as players suffer when they climb to the network for any cut coup and that reflexes are vital to pass from one side to another to finally start the point that her victory. PKTBALL has something of this.

A casual arcade game of tennis that gives the final blow

From a top view, and already in the tutorial, one is surprised by the fun blows and movements made by the protagonists of this game that mismamente are the tennis players. The developers of this game have been able to bring to the screen of your smartphone some of the feelings that we collect when we see Nadal drop a big setback or return those epic strokes of other tennis players.


Based on move to tennis player by the track, we will have to release swipes with which will be able to slow down the coup to prepare ourselves for the following or beat so that the opponent must quickly release another blow to become a frantic struggle to win the point. Like other casual games, when we take a game against the AI, how many more blows are able to return, the greater the score. Having said that, we cannot forget the format of real headings where we find the 15, 30, or 40 to finally get with the game.

Unlock more tracks, tennis players and play with up to four friends

Although we take that feeling and spirit of the sport, we have a casual game, which means that we can unlock more players and tracks. This will get it as they go past the games and get the points that will help us to unlock them through a machine of those hooks that we operate ourselves to have the chance to unlock the content of the game.


But the best of PKTBALL are the items local multiplayer. You can play with up to four friends to put the device on a table and that each control to a tennis player. Logically, the greater the size of the screen, more space to manoeuvre you will have, so that these items can become a great experience to enjoy this sport.

PKTBALL has world best players list and got you free from the Play Store with obvious micropayments. A game that is left to enjoy and is highly recommended for its multiplayer aspect.

Technical quality


Stands out as well that the animations are made, the design of tracks and characters and that pays well when we play with multiple players at the same time. A game that even an arcade, brings that feeling to be throwing a good tennis game. This format in top view adds a point in their favor so we can move easily around the track. Its multiplayer aspect raises its quality greatly.

Opinion of the editor


  • The style in animations
  • Addictive and rapid
  • Unlock more players and tracks


  • If you have online multiplayer would be epic

Download application

Download: PKTBALL (*, Google Play) →

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