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Play your favorite music from YouTube from the lock with the app Stream screen


We we miss that we have off screen and listen to music from any of the playlists from YouTube officially. You can, but you must pass through box. We also have the option of searching the APK from any app that will allow us to perform this same and thus able to play nothing but the audio while we have the mobile at rest without consuming battery, without the light that is emitted from the screen.

We have other alternatives, as it is to use the lock screen to play the video of one of our favorite topics with an app called Stream that does a great job in this regard and is well complete options from there. Apart from play music from the lock screen, we have the option to minimize the player and have it floating on the desktop while we do something else with the phone. Two well exclusive functions adding to other other features which we shall now list and detail.

Share your favorite playlists

Stream app is well-kept in all aspects, both in its main functions and design it to work really well. Other than to listen to the music from the lock screen and have the player thumbnail in any part of the desktop, it has a number of advantages such as radios and the variety of categories reflecting a multitude of music genres.


Its another great option is to create playlists of your favorite videos to access them quickly or even share that list with others through apps of courier services or playlists. You share via Telegram list, the link comes in contact, if you do not have it installed it takes you directly to the installation of the app and then you can listen to playlist created. A great tool that gives higher quality as a whole to Stream.

In depth

On the main screen you have at the bottom of the three most important tabs: main, musical genres and radio categories and playlists. From the main, or so-called “Top”, you will find a series of recommended songs that you can play, add to a list or start radio related issue.


The next tab allows you to access radio stations and genres. If you press on any of the radio stations you see a series of different sections to focus more on a music of concentration that has to do with nature, piano or sweet dreams. For the part that touches him to the musical genres, you you select either and a huge play list that has the same options as the main or Top will be charged. You also have the option to be able to reproduce it at random.

Favorite playlist allows you to access to all those that you’ve been saving for a continuous or random playback. You have the option of manually changing the order or access the icon three vertical dots to select any of the basic options such as which has the Top tab.

In settings did not find many settings to change, but some well interesting. You can change the size of the player thumbnail and choose if you want to only seek music videos. If you deactivate this option that comes by default, you’ll find all the videos on YouTube; This option is also interesting.

From your own player, you can minimize the window, choose without going to the lock screen to continue listening to music or access musical themes tips. In short, a great application to get the most out a YouTube that has become for many the best musical choice that other services such as Spotify or Apple Music.

Download: Stream: music for YouTube (Free, Google Play) →

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