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Plex plans to add a service of news for streaming of video to the buy Watchup

Today we have known that Gear, the company that designed peripheral for gaming on the PC, has acquired Nextbit, the company that launched the smartphone Robin in order to put in smartphones for the cloud. This shape, Gear expands its business and intends to get his foot in the mobile device market well.

Something similar happens with Plex, which has just announced that he acquires news video streaming service is known which by Whatchup and is capable of delivering content to more than 10 million people using their server apps for media. The agreement will bring content in video of news from CNN, CBS, Sky News, Euronews, Wall Street Journal and others to the base of users existing of Plex.

This means that Plex, which lets users store and view video, photos and music via apps companion for ordeandores and mobile devices, and media servers will also offer content in news from Watchup. That includes some 150 partners initial, between which is found to CBS, CNN, voice, Euronews and Hearst Television, more what would be a few companies that also invested in the service.

There is now itself a few Watchup apps available for Android, though it is not clear that plans have Plex for them. It could integrate in the service of form direct or continue them to offer a service independent.

Announcement is the last Plex which seems that he has been targeted on improving the types of content that your users can access through apps. Already in September of the year last is added the capacity to capture them shows television and recently allowed that his player of media for desktop was of form free, as the integration of the popular player of contained Kodi.

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