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Pokémon GO add rewards so level up is more enjoyable and satisfactory

Pokémon GO

When we have a game in which we must climb level, boredom can come to find us in a race to reach the highest level of the character. Pokémon GO is one of the many games have levels progress in its reason for being, so it is interesting that new features are integrated to help make it more enjoyable this time.

It is here where they want to update Niantic Labs the game so that players get medals depending on the type of Pokémon that have hunted. This way more content will be added so that road towards the maximum level is not as heavy and an extra hunting may have in a particular Pokémon type such as them fire.

Niantic Labs has still much to do to improve Pokémon GO and this is same what has sought increasingly go being played by fewer people. In a game of such broadcasting and with so many millions of players If you are not considering launching content every so often, you are almost doomed to lose all that crowd.

If you look at World of Warcraft, an MMO that was able to attract hundreds of thousands of players who initiated session religiously every day, Blizzard was preparing updates with great content every little bit, what got that many continued playing until today.

By what regard to that future update, the new medals will allow to the player have more opportunities at the time of capture a Pokémon of a type determined. For example, if you reach one level higher for the Kindler Medal, you’ll have an extra to hunt the Pokemon like Charmander, Vulpix and Ponyta fire-type.

We know the day accurate to the date of the update, but would not take long in can be downloaded from your mobile device.

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